Louis Kasekende should explain the source of his stinking wealth.

By Kagenyi Lukka Responsible citizenship involves having knowledge about one’s role in the community, the country, and the world. It stretches to participation in activities that make the world a better place. Such citizens are change [Read more]


Assassination: Muslims urged to develop solidarity

Muslims in the entire country have been urged to develop solidarity so that they can overcome their enemies especially the killers, this massage to Muslims have been passed by Sheikh Salim Bbosa in his iddie [Read more]


Guns, Diplomats a problem to Uganda – Besigye

Fdc’s Kiiza Besigye and Luwero NRM bush war doctor, Kiiza Besigye was said the only problem to Uganda is the guns that the government is misusing to torture Ugandans and the diplomats who are selling [Read more]


3 More musicians to die like Radio. ~ Pastor Edward Ssewanyana

Pastor Edward Ssewanyana of Worldwide Apostolic Church   has said that the he saw fallen Musician Mozey Radio burning in hell in a vision. In his message he titled ‘PROPHETIC WARNING TO SECULAR MUSICIANS IN UGANDA’, Ssewanyana [Read more]