You give us shs100m, we withdraw the case-Donah Katushabe’s family to Ssebuufu

Family and relatives to fallen Kampala business woman Donah Betty Katushabe took another step and asked the accused Pine car bond proprietor Muhammad Ssebuufu to pay them over shs100million for them to withdraw the murder case.

The source whose name kept anonymously, has said that the family members together with relatives to the said murdered Donah Katushabe visited Ssebufu when he was still imprisoned at Luzira and asked him to pay them this amount of money so that they could withdraw the murder case.

According to the source, the let’s family and relatives knew the truth behind the murder of Katushabe and the real killer though they decided to accuse Ssebufu even when they had no evidence.

We have learnt that Ssebuufu rejected giving them this money and the evidence was introduced to court but the government prosecution failed to present prison book where visitors sign.

This surprised court and wondered why it was done like that.