You are praising M7 instead of helping your fellow Muslims rotting in prisons-MP Luttamaguzi to Sheik Guggwa.

Nakaseke Member of Parliament Paul Nelson Luttamaguzi has attacked Sheik Sulaiman Guggwa for spending time praising president Yoweri Museveni because of he is targeting an individual benefits forgetting that there are many of his fellow Muslims who are rotting in prisons that need his help.

According to Hon.Lutamaguzi,it is embarrassing to see elders like Sheik Gugwa who would have been the first persons to condemn and advise about the current situation in Uganda that caused many of the Muslims sent to jails pinning them for having involved in murder of government officials like Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Maj. Muhammad Kiggundu, Justice Joan Kagezi among others.

While appearing on Metro Radio, Luttamaguzi revealed his anger about individuals who take themselves to be righteous yet they are hypocrites who cannot help the country to get the best from them because they want to be cashed by president Museveni.

He revealed that it was embarrassing for Sheik Guggwa to write a text book praising and showing the good things president Museveni has done for the country and fail to openly tell him about the many Muslims his government has sent to prisons where many of them are innocent about the cases said.

According to Hon.Luttamaguzi, such people have caused this country to lag behind.

Luttamaguzi’s condemn came shortly after Sheik Guggwa handed in a text book to President Museveni which he purposely composed for him praising his good work he has done for Ugandans since he came in power