Dona Katushabe murder: Secrets leak

Relatives of the late Donah Katushabe are seen at Court wearing T-shirts with her pictures. Photo by Ronald Kabuubi/KMAUPDATES.

Amid the hearing of Kampala business lady Dona Katushabe murder case in the high court, secrets about the murder have leaked

Kampala city car broker whose names kept anonymously came out requesting ISO to investigate about a car dealer Sam Kiwanuka popularly Known as Sam Damage whom he pins for having fled to South Africa that he has much about the murder of Katushabe.

According to the one we named a car broker, Damage soled Prado TX to Katushabe which she paid a half of the agreed money.

However, he says that he last knew about the matter when Katushabe was still failing to pay the balance.

The car broker says that it was to his surprise to hear that Dona was murdered after some period of time saying that some of the people who were arrested over her murder were innocent

According to Broker, Damage allegedly hit Katushabe who died while she was being transported to Mulago hospital.

It should be remembered that on 2nd August 2018, the Pine Car bond proprietor Mohammed Sebuwufu and nine other suspects appeared in court on charges of causing death to Donah Betty Katushabe.

According to the deceased’s lawyer, one Tumusiime of Tumwebaze and Atugonza Advocates, he was called by his client on October 21, 2015 to come to her rescue from the Pine Car bond at Lumumba Avenue where she was illegally being held.

Tumusiime further told court that he was led to see Katushabe by Sebuwufu, who warned her of death if she didn’t pay a debt of Shs9 million, owed to the businessman. The next day, Tumusiime told court, he received information that Katushabe had died.