Winning elections will not help unless we build our foundation from the ground-Mej.Gen.Munt

The Alliance for national transformation president Mej.Gen Mugisha Muntu has warned his fellow opposition politicians against excitement about winning the forthcoming general elections of 2021 and advised them to first build up a strong foundation on the ground that will help them sustain the victory if at all they happen to gain it.

Muntu made the remarks while meeting the press on Friday where he emphasized that the opposition need to go back on the ground starting with villages and build a strong foundation to enable them strengthen power the same way NRM did so that they can put in order all what went wrong during NRM regime.

About Dr. Besigye and Hon. Kyagulanyi meeting Muntu termed it as a great move because it will help them work together.

He said that President Museveni lived happily whenever he saw disunity among opposition and weighed their weakness hence ruling with no democracy.

He conclude that the opposition should always not forget that their enemy is only one and they need to work together to win him and don’t forget to emphasize peace among their supporters.