Borrow money to construct houses for the oppressed policemen-Luttamaguzi to Museveni.

Nakaseke South legislator Paul Nelson Luttamaguzi has condemned President Yoweri Museveni for neglecting police and army living challenges.

Hon.Luttamaguzi says that President Museveni need to write to parliament asking it to borrow money for constructing Policemen and army officers’ houses the same way he does even for the foreign investors

Luttamaguzi said this while appearing on 90.8 Metro FM where he noted that police and army dress smartly doing their great job of protecting and maintain peace in the country but their houses where they put up are in poor conditions.

He noted that the poor standards of living to the policemen and army lead them to violet human rights and involve in crimes because only the few shareholders of the ruling government can afford to construct good houses and eat well.

According to Lutamaguzi, he would wish the government to provide free water, electricity to police and army officers then increase their salaries so that they can also afford paying school fees for their children and have good foundations.

Luttamaguzi says that the living condition of police, army officers cause them use excessive force and brutal acts while fighting the opposition

According to this legislator, many police officers regret why they joined the force depending on their living standards.