Man murders girlfriend, hide head in blanket

Residents of Matugga Gombe division Wakiso district were shocked to find fellow resident murdered by her boyfriend and hide the head in the blanket and run away.

NichorasTulyame 25 cut off Hellen Kanyi 23 head, hide her head lock the house and run away.

According to Rose Seki a sister Kanyi, Tulyame called her on phone and told her that Kanyi over drunk not knowing that he had already killed her.

The Residents say Kanyi was Tulyame’s girlfriend but they had some misunderstandings.

Hamiisi Kizito a village defense has requested the government to start listening also to men whenever they report family misunderstanding the same way they do to women because men also face problems in families.

Police transported the dead body to Mulago hospital morturyand avoided saying anything about the murder.