Fabiola to sue Alicia Keys’ designer

Uganda’s socialist and TV presenter Anita Fabiola has threatened to sue Alicia Keys’ designer for copying her dress fassion.

Alicia Keys is one of the world’s most renowned musicians and just like any other top name, she is also big on fashion.

While appearing on the Met Gala red carpet in New York, the diva donned an attire that looked like one Anitah Fabiola had put on at an event before.

Because of this, Anitah Fabiola has come out to declare intentions to sue Alicia Keys’ designer for copying her style.

Fabiola posted a comparison photo with Alicia Keys and captioned it, intentions to sue.

However, this is suprising because overtime, Anitah Fabiola together with other local fashion designers have been reproducing works by international designers