A 40 year old teacher defiles a girl of 8

A 40 year old teacher defiles a girl of 8

Police together with education commissioners in Kalungu district have arrested a heartless primary teacher Ssalongo Benon Kiwanuka 40 years old reportedly defiled a 8 year old girl of P3 whose names kept anonymous

Paul Ssebbowa the head teacher to this school where Ssaalongo Kiwanuka teaches said that the girl approached him and told him that Kiwanuka have repeatedly defiled her.

The girl went told HM Ssebbowa that Kiwanuka always buy alcohol to her grandmother Pascazia Ssekerembajja  whom she lives with then he abuse her sexually.

The girl also said that he threatened that he will kill her if she dare report him to anyone.

Pascazia told police that Kiwanuka have always gone to her home late in the night at around 2am with alcohol for her but she never knew that he sexually abuses her granddaughter.

David Bbaale Mukasa, Kalungu education commissioner condemned tie act of said that they are going to make sure Kiwanuka get punished and face charges