“If you believe any word coming from Diamond’s, you are as stupid as him”-Zari to fans

A new social media war between the ex- celebrity couple Zari Hassan and Tanzania’s Bongo Flavor artiste Diamond Platinum has emerged.

This particular one was fueled by after Diamond, who during an interview on Wasafi Radio, shared why his relationship with the mother of two of his children had to end.

Diamond claimed that Zari used to cheat on him with Peter Okoye, formerly of singing duo P Square, as well as her personal trainer while they were still in a relationship.

However on learning about Diamond’s comments, Zari through social media advised her fans not to take any word from her ex-husband as the fact.

“If you believe any word coming from that guy’s mouth, the same guy who denied his own blood on radio and everywhere, if you gonna believe that same man then you are as stupid as him,” Zari stated.

Zari claims that nothing out of everything Diamond said during the interview was the truth, and that he is just trying to tarnish her name.

Though we have always read about Zari’s side of the story where she pinned Diamond as a womanizer, how he abandoned his children and refused to pay child support among other staffs, Diamond also cleared the air on why certain things had to happen.

He accepted that it’s true he had not paid child support for his children (Latifah Dangote and Nilan Dangote) for a few months, because he felt like Zari was using the children to hurt him by denying him access to them.

Diamond stated that he didn’t abandon his children, as he constantly tried to reach out on them but Zari blocked him from her social media, and also refused to pick his calls too. Diamond alleges that his Mum Sanura Dangote also gave up on visiting the children given the too many uncomfortable conditions Zari had set.

This couple split in 2018, with Diamond moving on with a Kenyan radio personality Tanasha Donna, who he had planned to marry on Valentine’s Day this year. The wedding didn’t happen.

Zari is currently dating a mystery guy, and she is secretly planning to hold a private wedding, with only close friends and family.