Mukono leaders ordered to vacate its Headquarter from Buganda land.

Mukono leaders ordered to vacate its Headquarter from Buganda land.

Since Buganda government ordered leaders in Mukono district to vacate its headquarter from Buganda land, they have been on tension to the extent that councilors have elected a chairman Andrew Ssenyonga so t6hat he can reach in resolution with Mengo government.

Recently, Buganda Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga wrote to all districts that hold offices on Buganda land to buy the land or to vacate them.

During council meeting that was held on 30th March, councilors did not agree to argue whether the land belongs to Buganda government or not as some said that they need to be sensitized about this so that they can know the right owner of this land.

After, the Andrew Ssenyonga informed them that the land belongs to Buganda government that it could be better to organize negotiate with Mengo so that they can own the land title if not, get Liz on this land.

However, some councilors led by Buvuma County councilors Asuman Muwumuza were not pleased with this saying that they have to first review about tenants that occupied the land unlawfully.

Ssennyonga urged them not to waste more time because they saw president Museveni handing over district land titles to Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga.

About 15 members decided that the talk between them and Mengo government whereas 12 others insisted that they should wait and investigate first on the tenants illegally occupied the land.

This and is one of those titles that were handed in by president Museveni in 2014

The headquarter building has Mukono LC5 Chairman, COW, LC5 Vice-chairperson, district speaker among other district employees.