Was Bobi wine’s tundra stolen from police?

Queries arise from the public, asking how can a car auctioned by police as an exhibit be stolen from Police Park.

These queries followed the detectives investigating treason cases charged to Kyaddondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi wine together with other 36 politicians, telling Gulu court that Kyagulanyi’s Tundra Car in which they shot his former driver Yasin Kawuma to death, that they don’t know its whereabouts

Davis Lusambu one of these detectives informed Judge Isaac Kintu that they only have one car of Tundra brand but not the one for Bobi wine.

The prosecution led by Herbert Wanyoto also said that they have got some disturbances in their investigations after failing to access information in the phones they confiscated from the suspects because of the passwords inserted, though the suspects pin that some of their phones are used to call and intimidate their relatives.

 Bobi wine

When he was speaking to journalists after court Bobi wine confidently said that he cannot be threatened by the prosecution side accusations because it was the same police that framed him with possession of two guns and they cannot produce the guns now, the same police accused that 37 people hold a big stone and hit the bulletproofed president’s convoy car and broke the mirrors, still the same court auctioned his car and packed it at  police stations now claiming that they don’t know its whereabouts.


Lawyers for the accused have requested the court that the telecom companies can produce phone numbers and the information exchanged to ease the investigations and avoid claims.

Grade one magistrate Izaac Kintu adjourned the case up to 4th /June/2019 for the judgment after the accused requested that the case may be dismissed or sent to the constitutional court because some of their colleagues were tortured by Arua police commander Julius Musinguzi

Meanwhile, police have today arrested Musa Ssenyange who is said for having blocked president Museveni’s convoy with a tractor when he was traveling to Arua campaigns.