Museveni is not a king who wants to rule for life-MP Nambeshe.

Museveni is not a king who wants to rule for life-MP Nambeshe.

Manjiya Member of Parliament John Baptist Nambeshe has condemned the ruling party National Resistance Party NRM members who want president Museveni to come again for the presidency in the coming elections of 2021.

MP Nambeshe is one of the NRM MPs who was barred from attending the party caucus held at Kyankwanzi which is aimed at discussing the country’s economy, 2021 elections among other matters.

When he was speaking to our reporter, Nambeshe said that leaders in NRM connived with president Museveni to intimidate others who would want to contest for the presidency with the aim of retaining him in power

He says that what is currently done in NRM no longer based on the constitution but impunity among few individuals.

He added that president Museveni wants to rule Uganda as a king

Another NRM Rebel Barnabas Tinkasimire sad if being an NRM member one should be supportive to president Museveni, that he is ready to quit the party because he looks at president Museveni’s government off- truck and there deserves change.

Tinkasimire said that they were barred from going to Kyankwanzi because there was fear that they could talk and change many other party members hence rejecting president Museveni’s orders yet he wants to be worshiped as a king.