We’re ready to battle People Power boys over Dr. Besigye –FDC youth leaders

We’re ready to battle People Power boys over Dr. Besigye –FDC youth leaders

Forum for Democratic Change youths has vowed that they will not tolerate people power pressure group members fond of provoking their leader the retired Col.Dr.Kiiza Besigye by attacking him.

“We are tired of these popes and we have already known them individually, who sent them, from where, but we shall sort them out because we are even expert in what they do” one of FDC youths leaders, Sulaiman Ssali Kisaka, said while hosted on BBS Terefayina

According to Ssali, this was not the first time these youths attacked Besigye, that the same group attacked him at his home in Kasangati and Katwe, that they have also attacked different leaders several times and they have followed them.

“At first we fought them thinking that they were sent from the ruling NRM party, but we found out that they are the same group of people who have attacked president Museveni whenever he is” He added.

Ssali described that these men look alike in their appearance because they are all having dreadlocked hair, put on ear pins, rude,  and always have red eyes probably smokers.

Ssali warned that if they dare  attack Besigye again, they will face it rough since they are also trained enough to defend and guard their leader (Besigye)

He added that if they can fight NRM, that has guns, what about those ones who do not have any fighting weapon.

Recently, a group of people attacked Col.Dr.Besigye at Bulange Mengo when he was exiting from CBS studios where he had attended for a political program and attempted to hit him while shouting at him saying, they were tired of seeing him on presidential posts that he should leave and pave way for Hon. Kyagulanyi to compete, president Museveni,

This was highly condemned by the opposition leaders.

However, shortly after this happened, the leader of people power Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi wine also came out and condemned youths for attacking Besigye saying that it was embarrassing because all opposition leaders believe in one thing change.