Postmortem report disproves police on the death of suspects in police cell, they were tortured.

Postmortem report disproves police on the death of suspects in police cell, they were tortured.

Mulago Mortuary postmortem report has contradicted Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango’s information about the death of the suspects in the police cell.

Patrick Onyango on behalf of the police, informed journalists Yesterday on  Tuesday that there was only one suspect who died and he did not die from Katwe clock tower police cell but  he died from Mulago hospital  where they had taken him for treatment after suffocation from the police cell

Unlikely, on Wednesday, Dr. Moses Byuaruhanga from  Mulago Mortuary revealed that there were two bodies which were brought from the same police station and put at Mulago Mortuary without information attached and this is where they got Boogere, Omongo’s body after his relatives had come to pick his body for burial and identified it as his body.

According to Dr. Byaruhanga’s post mortem report, Omongo died of torture, and serious beating because he was internally damaged on a gall bladder that block that caused his blood clot and died instantly.

Though police had stated that he died from Mulago hospital where he was transported live after he suffocated from police cell and fainted.

Katwe clock tower police CID James Balaza came and he was blamed by Byaruhanga for hiding the truth about the case and taking dead bodies without attached information.

Ssaalongo Erias Lukwago

However, there was confusion when the family members to Omongo reached at the mortuary to take his body to Kisoro where he was supposed to be laid and they failed to raise money for coffin and transport.

The Kampala Lord mayor Ssaalong  Erias Lukwago came and intervened to quiz police and Doctors about the death of Omong and colleagues.

He managed to get all the information and helped the family members with money for buying the coffin and transport to Kisoro.

Mayor Lukwago, want parliament to intervene the police torture, murder to suspects

Patrick Onyango

Patrick Onyango has finally acknowledged that the suspects died and told journalists that all police officers from Katwe clock tower police will be investigated about by the professional standards Unit which will also record their statements then after they face murder cases.