Kisekka market vendors’ protest over a sudden increase in rent fees 

Kisekka market vendors’ protest over a sudden increase in rent fees 

The agree traders of Kiseeka market auto center plaza have on Tuesday 12th barred access to the building in a protest in over sudden hike in the rent fees

One of the traders said that due to the increase of the rent in the previous year, some of them are sharing shops in order to cope with the situation

“we are tired of landlords who keep on increasing rent fees, I think authority school intervene in this matter because, all most after six months or yearly the rental fees are increased which isn’t fair, can’t they first study the situation, traders are going through before hiking the rental fees “one of the traders stated

The angry traders started pelting stones at the building and burning car tires on the road until police intervention

He further added that landlords do not involve traders when going to increase the rental fees and they don’t show interest in listening to their views

After the protest started the police were deployed to calm down the situation and soon later traders were engaged in running battles with authorities

The running battle continued until antiriot police being called in for an enforcement

Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango says acted to calm the situation and also mediate the trader and the Landlord