I will quit NRM to follow Uganda’s “Daud” Bobi wine – MP Nsamba

I will quit NRM to follow Uganda’s “Daud” Bobi wine - MP Nsamba

Kasanda North lawmaker Patrick Nsamba has revealed that he might quit his origin political party of national resistance movement NRM in the next elections because it has gone off track

MP Nsamba has repeatedly said this meaning that people power forum is on track because it fights to see power given back to people

While speaking on Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake Butebi’s thanksgiving function last week and on NBS TV, Nsamba said that Bobi wine is a Ugandan “Daud” who is about to hold a stone and hit Goliath and when he was asked whom he meant by Goliath he said that it is President Museveni who has stayed in power over 30 years.

“when I won with the ruling party NRM card I thought that it will be easy for me to help people in my constituency but things are different because they are not transparent so am an NRM member who believes in People power” Said Nsamba.

MP Nsamba continued to say that when president Museveni was amending the constitution on anti-age limit, he said that he wanted to give a chance to all Ugandans to be able to contest for any political post but when he met NRM leaders he said that they should support him to come as a sole candidate in the primary nominations for the next general elections yet there are also many other NRM youths who a contest for presidency and lead better so that he can peacefully leave power.

He added that people are also tired of the people who are fond of saying that they have lasted in the struggle yet they have changed nothing, saying that they think that they are the only one who can challenge president Museveni.

According to MP Nsamba, People need to support People power which is not based on any political party nor discriminated people because they are tired of those who pretend to be sympathetic to people’s status of living yet they have individual interests.

MP Nsamba believes that people power can win because even President Museveni joined people and got all the support from local people and if they didn’t have self-confidence he could not win power.