“Stop slaying on social media, plan for your children”-Bad black advice to young girls

“Stop slaying on social media, plan for your children”-Bad black advice to young girls

Socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa alias Bad black has advised young girls to stop slaying on social media before they can plan for their children

Bad Black’s advice was referring to dancehall artiste Gloria Ingabire alias Pretty Glo, who was nabbed stealing a mobile phone and money in downtown near Ham Shopping Arcade, Kampala.

“Please girls, stop slaying in town when you have nothing, at least go back to your village and leave the town to people who can afford to live in it. You waste time with celebrities who will just use you and leave you with HIV/Aids, and then you start crying for us,” said Bad Black.

Bad Black, who came out for her Pretty Glo’s rescue after she was being abused on social media, claiming that maybe she ‘was stealing for her family’. Through her Snap Chat Video, Bad Black, in probably her most obscene but heartwarming advice, requested that people should not just judge Pretty Glo, but help her.

She went on to request for anyone who can lead her to Pretty Glo to do so, so she offers her support.

“I will help rent a house for her, she can give me her child and I will look after them,” Bad Black posted.

With songs such as Ndyeno, Maali, Tebatusobola among others, Pretty Glo earned a spot in the entertainment industry in 2012.

Accompanied by the looks and a bum a certain Barbra Yata would die for, Pretty Glo met the man of her dreams, crooner Qute Kaye, and together made a pretty cute couple.

Then things fell apart. Both disappeared into oblivion only for Kaye to resurface last year in Busega with stolen vehicle headlamps. By God’s grace, he survived to lynch and took his burdens to Pastor Robert Kayanja’s church. But he forgot to carry along the mother of his children.

Until Monday evening when, without her ‘Glo’, she faced the embarrassment of being caught red-handed trying to stuff a kabiriti phone in her bra.