“I advise you to go home and take a nap” Sheeba to Pr.Ssempa

Pastor Martin Ssempa faced it on social media when he tried to sneak his nose into the “Swang Mama” Sheeba Karungi  and teach her how to dress decently while performing in her music, he took it on Twitter to advise her to not be like African socialite Zondwa who was chased from some African countries for her nudity, but to Sheebah this is boring.

Unlike Bobi Wine who was trolled over the ‘Tuliyambala Engule’ song by Ssempa and remained silent, ‘Swag mama’ Sheeba couldn’t let anyone mess with her signature dress code as she sent a message to people who term her dress code as indecent.

“I am bored by people and their opinion since they don’t feed me, I advise you to go home and take a nap,” Sheebah tweeted in apparent response to what Ssempa had posted on his twitter handle earlier.

“I wonder if @Ksheebah1 is copying South African @Zondwalibram the nudist who was thrown out of Zimbabwe for indecent dressing and suspected Lezibian promotion. Here is she arriving at @Kansiime256 resort, please @Ksheebah don’t follow,” Ssempa tweeted.

However, Sheebaholics didn’t also like the pastor’s lectures too, as they joined their queen to throw jabs at Ssempa.

Some of the comments that followed tweet included;

Pastor wewumuzeeko, ffe we want Sheebah’s dressing.

Wamma you have grey hair what do you know about the dotcom dress code

At that age you are still useless like that, have a life jjaja before it’s too late