Speaker Kadaga endorses Miss curvy pageant

Speaker Kadaga endorses Miss curvy pageant

Speaker of the Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has endorsed the miss curvy pageant after contestants and organizers petitioned parliament on Wednesday and had a meeting with her and she listened to their explanation about the vision and plans of the pageant

The way contestants led by Anne Mungoma, the chief executive stormed parliament caused excitement among men around, they went to the speaker’s board room
when she was speaking to journalists, the organizers said they had petitioned Kadaga to correct the misconception that the pageant was about sex after the Speaker on Monday protested the use of women bodies to promote tourism.

In her address, Kadaga told the organizers to go ahead with the event saying she had misinterpreted the whole idea.

She further noted that the pageant would proceed as originally planned in spite of misgivings by a cross-section of Ugandans, including some religious figures.

According to Anne Mungoma Miss Curvy is a beauty pageant that is organized internationally to recognize curvaceous women, and not slim women since many people have failed to get the real definition of Miss Curvy contest.
The campaign whose finals are scheduled in June this year will cater for curvaceous women, aged 18 to 35.