2021 elections: Museveni to swear in again – Political analyst.

2021 elections: Museveni to swear in again - Political analyst.

After a few days when the retired Col.Dr. Kiiza Besigye launched the National People’s assembly which he believes is the best strategy to win back their power said for having attained during 2016 elections whereby, the political analysts have drilled potholes in this strategy saying it will continue weakening the opposition in the forthcoming general elections of 2021.

Political analysts wonder why Dr. Besigye and the group could fight for the said won power now in 2019 when only two years to the next elections yet they have kept quiet for three years about this matter.

According to political analysts, Besigye is trying to collect people who will vote for him during 2021 for presidency hence weakening opposition.

The government publicist, Ofwono Opondo says that Besigye did this because he was not in people’s ears for the last two years due to Kyaddondo East MP Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi who has been in news for all this period.

He adds that Besigye still did this to awakening people about his existence and he is to come back for the presidency in 2021 elections.

According to Opondo, NRM cannot fear because even if Besigye unite with Bobi wine still they cannot win NRM in elections.

Siraje Nsanja a political science teacher in Kampala University says that what Besigye did will confuse supporters of opposition because some will go with him as others will go for people power of Bobi wine   then NRM stay stronger since they don’t divide support

Nsanja says that he would expect Besigye, Bobi wine among other opposition leaders to organize meetings and discuss unity so that they can bring one sole candidate so that they can add support and win NRM in 2021 but what Besigye did is taking them no way.

Dismas Nkunda a political analyst says that Besigye has been quiet for long so it is the right time to awakening people that he is still in existence.

However, the Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago who was elected as the vice president in Besigye;s government “People’s Assembly” blamed whoever looked at this in a bad move because as Opposition, they cannot leave president Museveni rule people with dictation in their presence adding that this is the reason why they do whatever it means to fight him.

Kira municipality MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda says that they have hope in this and urged whoever would want to join them to go ahead so that they can liberate Uganda.

However, Nganda says that he cannot trust people whom he has just seen because many have moved with new people in politics and they end up losing, where he gave the example of former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi who contested for the presidency in 2016 and people moved with him without knowing his agenda.