Parents impeach head teachers over failing pupils

Parents impeach head teachers over failing pupils

Parents who educate their children from Kanoni Primary School found in Rwebitakuli Sub County, Ssembabule district and Nasuti primary school have impeached head teachers and ordered them out of their schools pinning them for failing their pupils each year.

Parents for both schools demonstrated and vowed not to send back their children until these head teachers are changed.

According to parents of Kanoni p/s pupils can no longer get a second grade in the final exams for some good years.

Whereas parents of Nasuti P/S say that it has taken two years when there is no child who has ever got the first grade.

Parents accuse teachers of abandoning teaching pupils that they spend the most time in the school garden

Iganga education ministry commissioner Baker Kasadhakawo accompanied with police went to calm down parents and gathered them in one meeting where they were requested to stay calm and leave the matters to the education ministry that promised them to change this headmaster.

Bazirio Mugumya head teacher of Kanoni P/S condemned parents for not being appreciative because he has invested a lot to see this school standing.

Police advised parents to calm down because they don’t have the mandate to chase away the head teacher unless they write to the commissioner.