Museveni’s gov’t is full of liars- Tamale Mirundi.

Museveni’s gov’t is full of liars- Tamale Mirundi.

The former presidential media advisor Joseph Tamale Mirundi accused government officials of being liars that have caused Uganda to get sunk into disorders and decline.

Mirundi says that the impunity within the government officials has even caused them to deceive president Museveni himself that Uganda is moving smoothly yet local people are down there suffering due to different problems like poverty, diseases, famine, murder, among others and they need government help.

When he was hosted on one of the local TV, Mirundu asserted that those who deceive president Museveni on sensitive issues have contributed big to decline Uganda.

He also wonders why ministers waste time in meetings discussing laws harass people like anti-age limit, Artists law, warship, among others instead of discussing challenging matters

According to Mirundi there should be inquiries to youths and elderly people about government services and know whether what the government does is useful to people or not.

He says that the same people have continued deceiving president Museveni that electing the president by casting votes is unnecessary

Mirundi concluded saying that if president Museveni accepts this bill they are about to table in the parliament, this will prove that it was waste of time for NRA and president Museveni’s going to the bush.