“You commit a crime, you resign by yourself,” M7 supports Prof. Nawangwe.

“You commit a crime, you resign by yourself,” M7 supports Prof. Nawangwe.

President Yoweri Museveni has supported again Makerere University vice chancellor and the management to continue suspending and firing lecturers caught in crime at the University.

President Museveni said that he is firmly behind the University administrations’ efforts to restore discipline to one of Uganda’s Highest and greatest institution of learning.

The President was responding to questions about the conflict between Makerere University administration and academic staff from journalists who ‘ambushed’ him shortly after he launched the six phase of the Presidential Investors Roundtable at State House.

“I must congratulate Prof Barnabas Nawangwe and the University Council for being decisive in disciplining staff. Decadence should not be part of a university.”

Museveni’s remarks were an intended jab at social media critic and research fellow at Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR) Dr. Stella Nyanzi who in April 2016, undressed and took pictures and a video clip of herself, which she then posted on her Facebook wall, to protest MISR’s decision to lock her out of ‘her’ office.

A lecturer caught on camera in immorality and sexually harassing a student can’t stay in a top university. It is very embarrassing to see that lecturer in court and still teaching that is rubbish, chase that person,”

Museveni went ahead to urge lecturers to have the decency to resign by themselves should they be spotted in cases of indiscipline.

“You commit a crime, then you should resign by yourself. We don’t want indiscipline, we don’t want crime in Makerere University,” he added.

At the end of last year, Makerere University relieved Social Media critic and controversial Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR) research fellow, Stella Nyanzi and 31 others of their duties.

Nawangwe also said the sacked staff will be forced to refund salaries and all monies they got erroneously.

Describing the decision to sack the staff as inevitable, Prof.Nawangwe said a number of them had absconded from duty for a long time whereas others were expelled because of indiscipline.