2021 general elections: Kalifa Aganaga to battle Hon Kato Lubwama

2021 general elections Kalifa Aganaga to battle Hon Kato Lubwama

Uganda artists have continued expressing they are interested in politics and several have come up to announce that they are to contest on different political posts in the forth coming general elections 2021.

Musician Kalifa Aganaga has also said that he feels he is deserved to contest for Rubaga South Member of Parliament in the coming elections.
Aganaga says that he has the ability and potential to lead Lubaga people that he is ready to take off Hon. Kato Lubwama.

Kalifa has made a total of 5 artists who have come out for the first time to contest of different political positions in 2021 and these include; Geoffrey Lutaaya, Mathias Walukagga, Dr. Hildermana, and Ronald Mayinja.

When he was asked whether he will manage to balance music and politics, Kalifa Aganaga showed confidence and said that he will do the same Kato Lubwama is doing because he is also an artist like him.

One may say that artists have been oppressed much in the music industry and this might have been the cause of them focusing on politics as the way to go so that they can also introduce their long bothering matters on parliamentary floor.

Musicians have requested for the amendment of copyright for long and government’s failure to put this right has caused musicians to remain poor and lose a lot of money in music since there are no regulations that help them gain much money from their music.