The fall of Bobi Wine and People Power, NRM to table a bill.

The fall of Bobi Wine and People Power, NRM to table a bill.

Tension and fear have increasingly developed among Ugandans who support Kyaddondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu who doubles as a musician with his stage name Bobi wine following the leaked news that the ruling party National Resistance   Movement NRM wants to table a bill trashing out the change of power through elections.

According to trusted sources from NRM, it is alleged that the party is to have a caucus at Kyankwanzi where they will table the bill which will determine the removal of changing power through casting votes.

The source says that NRM seeks the bill that will give the mandate to any political party with exceeding MPs in parliament to appoint the president of Uganda.

According to source, the justice, and constitutional affairs minister, Kahinda Otafiire will table out the bill in parliament so that it can be supported by other NRM MPs then signed by President Yoweri Museveni.

The habit of parliament appointing leaders is known in Europe but they also appoint prime ministers, not the president.

When he was asked about these allegations in a Radio interview, the Eastern Region NRM chairman Capt. Mike Mukula confirmed that, as a party, they have a plan to table this bill after debating about it at Kyankwanzi where they will hold a caucus.

When she was talking to us, the opposition publicist and Mukono municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke, informed us that they have heard about this for long but they vowed not to allow NRM use excessive powers and impunity to do unnecessary amendments in the national constitution because of their own benefits.

Nambooze says that Ugandans need to look at this matter carefully and save the country reputation.

The sources say that this bill aims at weakening Bobi wine and his political supporters because there will be no any other way he will be able to compete for presidency yet they know that when they allow citizens of Uganda go through elections there might be unpleasing news to NRM boss president Museveni.

The source continues that NRM wants to use this trick since it has the bigger number of MPs in Parliament who will appoint the president hence remaining in power as NRM.

Added that the recent leakage of news about the registering of People Power was also aimed at knowing Bobi wine’s stand whether independent or having any other political party to register as his own so that NRM can weigh its power and his.

However, Bobi wine has been in the race with president Museveni for five times when he led campaigns of By-elections in Jinja East, Bujiri, Rukungiri, and Arua but Bobi wine managed to win in all areas.

Now NRM has remained with preparing its way out as Bobi Wine also on stake