Unanswered questions on Moses Radio’s death as supporters, family celebrate his life.

Unanswered questions on Moses Radio’s death as supporters, family celebrate his life.

There are many unanswered questions about the death of Moses Ssekibogo Alias Mozey Radio after failure to show a clear report on his death remains in a state of quagmire.

According to the good life manager, Chaga, while addressing journalists at case clinic after he died, Mowzey’s death was a result of misunderstandings between him and the bouncer at the bar beach causing a fight and later hit down by the bouncer cracking his skull.

According to Washington, he said he saw the guy who killed radio because by the time of the fight he was out of the bar and when he had radios head hit down he returned.

Producer Washington’s statement was left with holes since the guy ‘ Wamala’ he claimed to have hit Mozey Radio gave another part of the story.

While questioned by investigators after his arrest, Wamala said by the time the fight sparked off Washington and other good life members were sited aside watching everything.

Wamala also denied allegations that he killed radio neither torched him but instead when he found him down outside the bar, he simply walked out and turned to the play station to play his games. The statements made by Washington, Chaga, and Wamala ‘the bouncer’ all contradicting causing one question who’s fooling the public and who is speaking the truth.


There was a certain man Fred Egesa who came out last time and consented that he is the owner of DEBAR in Entebbe where the late Mowzey is believed for having hit from and the cause of his death. But he is now denying the ownership of the place after one year since Mowzey died.

It is reported that Radio left Neyland with producer Washington to Entebbe was radio was constructing a mansion but reaching there the engineer had left to get some building materials and this is where Radio received a call, from one Pamella Musimire who requested to meet Mowzey at Katwe police station for he was being demanded some money and the owner of the money had reported him and Pamella was the mediator of the lender and Mowzey.

Pamella said that Mowzey requested that he will not be able to meet her from police so they decided that they meet at DE BBA, Pamella added that when they reached the DE BBA he found his music being played and he was happy then asked for a drink,

But to bring a drink the bottle was half, Radio got pieced and poured the drink on the floor that disorganized the bar management who decided to confront him with a bouncer that hit him on the floor.

According to Troy’s statement at police radio got a bottle of whiskey which he said he wasn’t sure Radio opened neither poured it in the glass but said he was sure the late Mozey pulled some dime and placed it on the table.

Later on, Radio got the bottle of Red Label and started pouring the remaining liquor into the glasses of everyone on the table while shouting and later on the manager of the bar.

‘one would ask if the manager had bought radio the whiskey as reported, why would radio pour it to the manager? Yet he had accepted it? what sparked radio fight yet he had come to meet people he knew as it is reported and why would the manager fight get annoyed with radio yet he loved him to the extent of buying him a whiskey.

At the crime scene, no spot of blood was spotted beside Washington saying troy hit Radio. And secondly one would ask that Washington who said was already out of the bar how would he recognize that it was Mozey radio hit and if he would not to the extent of predicting that it was radio’s head being hit.

The question that radio died at before is yet to be cleared since investigators are still following the matter besides eyewitnesses saying they never saw him move neither shake.

If its true Washington and  Pamela drove, radio to Emmanuel hospital before getting an ambulance, then one would wonder who drove radio’s car back to Kampala?