NRM MPs support the idea of voting by lining up at the back during nominations.

NRM MPs support the idea of voting by lining up at the back during nominations

Some members of parliament including those preparing to contest on different posts in the forthcoming general elections on the ruling party NRM card have started piquing interest in the idea of lining at the back of the nominees during primaries to determine frag bearers.

Mukono South MP Johnson Muyanja Ssenyonga says that this is the best way of showing transparency during nominations and everyone can be convinced with the results as it was during LC 1 elections.

Muyanja says that during the past elections, ballot papers were easy to forge since they had no photos for the candidates and this is why people forged them and caused chaos during elections,.

“Good preparations leads to free and fair elections where cases and chaos also decrease since people get contented with the results.” Said Muyanja.

Cancel Keneth Nsubuga Ssebagayunga who contested for North Mukono during NRM primaries says that the party needs to organize and review voters’ registers, and party membership because some end up registering nonmembers and involve in elections since they require membership cards only to vote.

“we need to first review party members registers because the real members of NRM party know each other from their respective constituencies,” He said.

Counsel Nsubuga says that he doesn’t mind on any form of election, whether lining up at the back of the candidate or casting ballot papers but there should be proper membership and Voters register preview.