Kusasira messed up standing before me, I had to shoot the car tyres to save their lives- Maj.Gen.Ggwanga.

Kusasira messed up standing before me, I had to shoot the car tyres to save their lives- Maj.Gen.Ggwanga.

Maj.Gen.Kasirye Gwanga has said that he shot Catherine Kusasira’s car tyres to save their lives because they drove drunkard.

“Catherine Kusasira and her boys were drunk. We are not supposed to drive while drunk so I shot the car tyres to save their lives.” Kasisrye Said.

However, the rebel retired UPDF soldier said he could not stand the group who were violating the rights of his children adding that what he did was to discipline the singer’s group.

“I found them abusing my boy. My boy is an American, I raise my children from America and the boy is going back soon,” Maj. Gen. Gwanga said after the incident.

He also added that Catherine Kusaasira messed up standing before him while exchanging words.

Katwe Police opened up a case file after Gwanga was accused of shooting and deflating the car tyres for NRM leaning singer Kusasira in Makindye on Tuesday night for playing loud music.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, an altercation started when Gwanga’s children who were allegedly buying chips asked Kusasira’s aides to reduce the loud music that was playing from their vehicle.

It is said that on refusal to heed to the request, Kasirye Gwanga’s children called their father.
”He ordered his bodyguards to bring his gun the gun which he used to shoot the car tyres. He later drove away,” Said Oyango

However, said the altercation started when the retired UPDF officer’s children made a wrong turn in the road prompting her aides to condemn the action and this attracted an exchange of words from the two groups.

“Kasirye Gwanga’s children started taking photos of my group’s car prompting them ( Kusasira’s aides) to question the motive behind it. As the situation got out of hand, the other children called their dad (Kasirye Gwanga),” Kusasira said on Thursday morning.

The singer narrated that when things got out the hand, her aides called her to save the situation and that on arrival, she apologized to the maverick retired UPDF general over the mistake.

“I tried to calm him but he was charged and requested for his gun. He said if it was not me, he would destroy the vehicle but said as an act of disciplining me, he was shooting to deflate the car tyres.”

Kusasira in her narration said she apologized to Gwanga over a mistake that could have been made by her aides but noted that the retired army officer did not listen to her.

Maj.Gen. Kasirye Gwanga is not new to controversy.

In August 2017, he burnt a grader that he found at his daughter’s land in Lubowa for allegedly trying to grab it.

It was reported that the grader had been hired to clear the piece of land but on seeing it, the no-nonsense Gwanga poured petrol on it before setting it ablaze.

The driver took off as the soldier started pouring petrol on the machine.

He would later brag that the “heroic act” would serve as a lesson to other land grabbers.
“I burnt that tractor. Tell them. I am now hunting them. I am a bad hunter. Let them know,” Gwanga said.
The grader owner later dragged the retired army officer to court seeking or compensation over the burnt grader.