The ruling party intends refusal to present electoral reforms-MP Nambooze

The ruling party intends refusal to present electoral reforms-MP Nambooze

The battered Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze Bakireke has said that the ruling party intends the refusal to present their electoral reforms to parliament as it was ordered by the Supreme Court and the population demand as well because many of them are beneficiaries of rigged elections

“We take note that some of the NRM leaders are also victims of flawed elections,” She Said

MP Nambooze made the remarks when the opposition was on Wednesday making resolutions to present necessary bills required for reforming and facilitating the holding of free and fair elections ahead of 2021 general elections.

The opposition mentioned the areas where their bills seek to address as follows;

  1. Introduction of a federal government
  2.  Constitution of an independent electoral commission
  3. Securing and strengthening the independence of Parliament
  4. Introduction of a majority and minority leaders in Parliament
  5. Making a presidential candidate who garners 10% in general elections to be a Member of Parliament
  6.  Introduction of 10% nominated MPs proportional to votes garnered during presidential elections.
  7. Tightening the provision of the Constitution that bars UPDF from participating in partisan politics by removing them from Parliament and from any other partisan institution.
  8. Reinstating and entrenching presidential term limits with retrospective provisions.
  9. Creation of a Speaker’s Panel to advise the office of the Speaker and preside over Parliament in case the Speaker and Deputy are not present
  10. Introduction of a presidential running mate
  11.  Providing for a lean Government of only 21 Ministers and 21 State Ministers

“As opposition, we cannot fold our hands and let the NRM appointed Electoral Commission, prepare and serve our nation with another sham election,” said the Leader of opposition Bett AoL Ochan.

Since 2015, the ruling NRM has been promising to establish a Constitutional Review Commission. But because for them the Constitution is only amended to benefit Museveni and they have already done so through the Raphael Magyezi Bill, they see no urgency.

The opposition continues saying that the country is aware that presidential nominations will be conducted around August next year (2020). This means will no longer have the two years that the Supreme Court recommended.

Nambooze concluded saying that they will soon be visiting the political party and civil society offices to consult on further necessary modifications.