I want 1 billion over defamation -Balam to Bajjo

I want 1 billion over defaming my name-Balam to Bajjo

Balaam Barugahare of Balaam marketing agency has said that he wants Andrew Mukasa of   Bajjo Events to compensate him with 1 billion for defaming his name when he went on social media and posted that Balaam and his boss Museveni have already registered the people power slogan, the clock, and the red color and copyrighted them

Balaam claims that the rumor was started by another events promoter, a one Andy Mukasa of Bajjo events who posted the said allegation on his Facebook page that he registered the Non-Government Organization (NGO) under the names People Power, a slogan that has recently been commonly used by Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi and his followers.

Acting through his lawyers, Muwema and Company advocates, Balaam now claims Mukasa’s post was not only false but also provoked a hate speech campaign on social media-laden with ‘abuse and insults” against him yet he has never registered the words people power or the name and does not intend to do so.

“Our client takes strong exception to the abuse of your freedom of expression by engaging in acts of offensive communication and cyber harassment contrary to section 24 and 25 of the Computer Misuse Act,” the notice of intention to sue from Balaam’s lawyer reads in part.

Balaam now wants Mukasa to retract his statement with an apology on the same page.

“..That you pay our client within 5 days damages now estimated at Shs1b for offensive data publication together with Shs50m being our legal fees,” the notice continues.

Meanwhile, on hearing about the intention to be sued, Mukasa dashed back to his Facebook page claiming that a team of ‘big lawyers and Balaam want to put me down since I was the first person to let you know about their bad move.”

Mukasa himself is no stranger to controversies, last month he was slapped on a live talk show by MP Kato Lubwama for insulting him

Mukasa and Kato had been hosted on Spark TV’s Koona Ne Miles Rwamiti when the former started insulting the latter that he does not know English and was not fit to be a member of parliament.

Lubwama stood up, slapped Mukasa several times before storming off the set.

However, Balam was once heard consenting on a TV interview that he registered the name and used watch together with a red color as a company name focusing at helping the elderly people though he denied that he never got anything from obi wine.

He added that he established this company with the aim of transforming elderly people lives on a theme “we relate with people” and this is where they got a word “People power”

Balam said that his company is not a political party, “I don’t know why people are bothered much with my registration because I did not offend anyone” he said emphasizing that there is no anybody he is working for on this matter.

He concluded saying that they still have other things they are preparing to do.

He also warned that he is ready to sue anyone caught using this name “People Power” or the symbols slated.

He revealed that Bobi wine shout come out to show whether this name “People Power” belongs to him or he owns it as registered political party.

Andy Mukasa of Bajjo Events, one of Bobi wine’s supporter said that Balam and the group they have plotted for long to criticize and weakening Bobi wine in politics but he will not succeed because he cannot stop Bobi wine.

Bajjo informed that Balam went to the ministry on 14th March 2018 and checked whether Bobi wine had registered people power as a political party but when he discovered that it was not registered he booked the name and paid some deposit and registered it recently as unprofitable oriented company.