Why Mafias wants to assassinate Maama Fina, Elias Lukwago, Peter Mayiga, Bobi Wine and others before 2019 ends.

Why Mafias wants to assassinate Maama Fina, Elias Lukwago, Peter Mayiga, Bobi Wine and others before 2019 ends.

There is fear among people whose names were released on the last leaflet threatening life towards the end of 2018 which was allegedly made by the assassins who have been killing people especially government officials like politicians, security operatives, and religious leaders.

Recently, former police officer Nyinarukundo Jane pinned her husband Zzimula John for having murdered the late, Maj. Muhamad Kiggundu and other Muslim clerks including Sheik Hassan Kirya and Abdul Kadri Muwaya.

The former police spokesperson Emilian Kayima assured the public that this woman Nyinarukundo was arrested and detained by police at Wakiso because she was spreading chaotic information to the public

He also said that this woman might have gotten a mental problem

Emilian Kayima’s words pieced this woman Nyinarukundo and came back to show evidence on whatever she was talking about and laughed at Kayima who called her mad, saying that she is very normal and spent 8 years serving as a police officer.

She emphasized that the list was real because the murderers have prepared to eliminate 4 people among the listed one before the end of 2019.

Nyinakundo said this in an interview with BBS TV where she revealed that the assassins have targeted Baganda first because they suspect them to be curious in the next government.

According to Nyinarukundo, the assassins believe that president Museveni’s government is about to end but they think that Baganda people are going to probe them over sensitive matters in the next government.

Among the names listed on this leaflet included; Kyadondo East MP Bobi wine, the Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga, Kampala Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago, Rubaga North MP Kasibante Moses, Prince Khasim Nakibinge, Kawempe North MP Mubarak Munyagwa, and others.

Nyinarukundo said that the assassins told her that they work on their bosses’ orders from the government.

She is very suppressed to know that these murderers can access all information to the extent that they knew about her visit to president Museveni because they called her immediately on the exit from president Museveni’s office the day she had gone to tell him about the matter, and they told her that they have noticed that she is from president’s office.

She noted that she cannot forget the day these assassins together with her husband with whom they have two children, took her to meet ADF rebel leader Jamir Mukulu because they wanted him to employee her.

Nyinarukundo said that when she reached Jamir Mukulu’s office he tasked her to set a bomb in the city which she rejected saying that she cannot kill innocent people.

However, Nyinarukundo together with journalists called the outgoing police spokesperson Emilian Kayima and tricked him to tell them about Nyinarukundo and he assured them that she is detained at Wakiso police station though she confirmed police has never arrested or detained her.

Nyinarukundo urged parliament to help and save her from being killed because she was warned to be killed together with Maama Fina before this month ends.