Am Ready to Sue Museveni if he fails to contest for Presidency in 2021- Balam.

Events organizer Balam Barugahare has vowed to sue president Museveni if he happens to fail to contest for the presidency in the coming general elections 2021

Balam recorded a video saying that there is no any reason that can prohibit president Museveni from contesting for the presidency because people still love him.

He said that he has already prepared a team of Lawyers that will challenge president Museveni in court.

According to Balamu president, Museveni’s supporters have multiplied especially among youths.

Balaam promises to sue Museveni if he doesn't stand for presidency next elections!ONE WORD FOR HIM

Posted by Kasule Douglas Benda on Friday, January 11, 2019

Balamu recorded this following the union of SDP of Mike Mabikke, and PDP of Abed Bwanika decided to unite with DP and form a coalition

DP emphasized to get one person that will be put to contest on behalf of the opposition side to compete with president Museveni.