Water shortage in Kampala cause tension

Water shortage in Kampala cause tension

Water shortage in Kampala and the neighboring areas that have taken a couple of days caused tension among residents after the blockage of supplying pipes at Muyenga

According to residents, this website managed to talk to, a jerrican of water currently costs between 500-1000 in areas like Kasubi, Namungoona, Kawaala, Nankulabye, and other areas.

This has also caused fear among people due to the fact that septic tank toilets can no longer hence poor hygiene.

Another fear is that there might be more spread for killer diseases like cholera due to water scarcity since some have resorted to ponds for home use water.

Residents requested the government to and solve this problem quickly.

Silver Mugisha national water and sewerage cooperation commissioner informed that the ministry is planning to put up 1000 water taps around Kampala metropolitan.

Mugisha warned people who don’t want to wash their hands after visiting toilets that they will die of cholera.

He said that they are planning to set up filtering places for sewerage in slummy areas like Kalerwe, Bwaise, Kawempe, among others.

When she was touring areas of Kabowa in Lubaga division which were affected by cholera since last week the state minister for Health Joyce Kaducu announced the official day to conduct general cleaning in Kampala as Saturday.