Sheikh Umar Kamoga jailed to Luzira over fraud

Sheikh Umar Kamoga jailed to Luzira over fraud

Since 2018  life has turned bitter for one of a renowned self-proclaimed Shiekh Umar Kamoga commonly known as Sheik Umar of Nansana “Omulombi we Duwa”

By now Sheikh Umar could be regretting coming into the limelight and why he took 16m from his client after he has been sent to Luzira prison on Friday after he denied the case

Sheikh Umar has been accused of obtaining money worth 16 million by false pretense from one of his clients who name was not revealed promising him that his 16 million will double after his Dua prayers, with effort of recovering the money from proves futile, the client immediately reported Shiekh Umar to Nansana police and was arrested on Thursday and spent a night there.

On Friday 11th Sheikh Umar was brought before Nabweru court and remanded to Luzira prison on charges of obtaining money with false pretense.

Of recent Kamoga was also allegedly accused of fraud, sexual harassment, witchcraft, murder and calling himself “Sheikh” that means a Muslim cleric which many Islamic scholars have disapproved him wrong.

Sheikh Umar has been sent to Luzira prison until February 1st, 2019