NRM youths want the closure of British High Commission in Uganda.

NRM youths want the closure of British High Commission in Uganda.

The National Resistance Movement NRM under their union called social media activist (NRMSOMA) said that they want the British high commission in Uganda to get closed accusing the nation of undermining Uganda yet Uganda is an independent country.

The group put up a written statement on Friday which was signed by Isma Ssenfuka, Lawrence Wazambi Robert Kyakuwa among others

They shared this statement to journalists and parliament, they have also vowed to petition the same statement to parliament.

The group wants government through the ministry of foreign affairs to suspend and ban the British activists   MP Paul Williams from Uganda and withdraw from commonwealth among other issues that they want the parliament to address.

These involved youth leaders from different communities like taxi drivers, Boda Boda riders and individuals said that the British decrease of aid to Uganda, rejecting some Uganda government officials from going to British, will continue portraying Uganda’s bad image to the entire world and countries in good relation with Uganda.

They said that Dr.Paul Williams is not a Ugandan and he has never been elected in Uganda so if he wanted to comment about something went wrong in Uganda he would have used organizations like African Union and East African Community to send their advice to the government of Uganda.

Frank Mawejje one of the NRM members in a group pinned British for having planned to still Uganda wealth minerals like oil and other minerals but they decided to pretend they are fighting for democracy in Uganda adding that why they did not show up when Uganda had not yet discovered these minerals.

However, these youths attacked the police that blocked them from storming the British high commission saying that it is illegal to beat someone wearing NRM T-Shirt.

Charles Ntale another youth angrily condemned the government of Uganda for taking foreigners superior to Ugandans and the oppositions abandoning NRM supporters.