My husband murdered Maj Kigundu, Kirya & Muwaya, now wants to kill Maama Fiina – Wife to a soldier reveals.

My husband murdered Maj Kigundu, Kirya & Muwaya, now wants to kill Maama Fiina – Wife to a soldier reveals.

A woman Jane Nyinarukundo has shocked Sylvia Namutebi popularly known as Maama Fiina after she went to her home in Bulenga and informed her that her husband a UPDF officer Zimula John is the one murdered Maj. Muhammad Kigundu the former husband to Maama Fina.

According to Nyinarukundo,Zzimula John is her husband and they have two children.

she said that Zzimula is among the group of soldiers who assassinated the person who killed Sheik Hassan Kirya, Sheik Abdu Kadr Muwaya among others.

She pins that the group used to meet from her home in Nabweru to plan for murders and she was the one who used to prepare food for them.

Nyinarukundo said that her husband Zzimula warned to kill her and pulled up the phone, showed to Maama Fiina the threatening messaged to her from Zzimula

She narrated to Maama Fina how her husband Maj.Kigundu was assassinated, her husband Zzimula John was the first one to shoot Maj. Kiggundu’s car tyres that caused Kiggundu to get out of the car and to see what has hit his car then another soldier Meddy Musiitwa who is currently detained at Makindye army barracks, shoot him at the back, then his bodyguard got out of the car and the assassins shoot rapidly until they killed both of them instantly.

Nyinarukundo said that she has been kept in fear since 2016 when she tried to seek help from different police stations and all were vain until she went to the former IGP Gen.Edwad Kale Kayihura and reported to him that her husband is a murderer but she was disappointed when Kayihura told her to leave alone these matters since they were within her family and emphasized her to keep quiet and spread no more rumor about this matter.

She went ahead and informed Maama Fiina that her husband Zzimula and his group of bean weevils involved in police wrote a leaflet threatening lives of Mengo and central government officials that included the Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga, Prince Khasim Nakibinge, Bobi wine among others that was last produced in 2018

Nyinarukundo said that she was the one who snatched one of the lists and decided to drop it at MP Kasimbante Home in Lubaga because she wanted to alert the government and the people who were warned to kill.

Immediately after she returned from Maama Fina police arrested Nyinarukundo and detained her at Wakiso police station.

According to police spokesperson Emilian Kayima, Nyinarukundo might have suffered from mental illness because of her words.