It’s true Stella Nyanzi had a miscarriage at the prison -Frank Baine

It’s true Stella Nyanzi had a miscarriage at the prison -Frank Baine

Frank Baine spokesperson Uganda prisons service has on Thursday 10th updated the nation about Stella Nyanzi’ health status and confirmed that she had a miscarriage while in prison.

While appearing on one of the television stations he said Nyanzi suffered miscarriage despite all the effort by prison medics to keep her in health state

“According to our mandate, one of the areas we have staffed in a full directorate of the medical services” he explained.

He said where there is a medical case concerning an inmate in a house doctors make a first and assessment until they find unmanageable at the prison, then inmates can be transferred to a government hospital

“Health problems can come up at any time, if there was a miscarriage, it was taken care of medically and that’s why she was in a position to appear before the court on Wednesday” he added

On Wednesday when she appeared before high Court Dr. Nyanzi explained to Court that she had recently suffered from miscarriage while in the prison and had been admitted to the prison’s sickbay and failed to get in touch with her lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde to swear a supporting affidavit in her case.

This was when either side failed to provide the required documents.

In October 2018 Makerere tribunal directed that Dr. Stella Nyanzi be reinstated and be paid all her salaries and she was also to be promoted to the level of a research fellow with immediate effect after lifting her suspension however the University failed to abide by the order then Dr Nyanzi sued the institution seeking payment of her salaries,and to be reinstated as directed by the staff tribunal.

Dr. Stella Nyanzi was also among over 40 lecturers who were fired by the University However they sack staff are trying to seek Speaker’s intervention on the matter

Dr. Stella Nyanzi is currently remanded at  Luzira prison since November 2018 on the charges of cyber harassment and offensive communication.

The hearing of her case will resume next month on February 19th, 2019