Fake Pastor Guard by SFC, M7 pray from their churches- Pr. Kyazze.

Fake Pastor Guard by SFC, M7 pray from their churches- Pr. Kyazze.

Pastor Micheal Kyazze of Omega Healing church has revealed that there are fake pastors and they are guarded by the special force command SFC

Pastor Kyazze said that it is of no use for the government to introduce a new policy of Christianity religion when it has failed to eliminate fake pastors from religion society

When he was hosted on TV Pr. Kyazze said that the government is aware of all fake pastors in the country because people complain about them each day and go ahead to provide them security to the extent that they are guarded by SFC adding that even when president Museveni desires to visit churches he always go to these fake pastors’ churches for prayers.

He added that these are among the challenges of Uganda the government would have sorted first before it could introduce a new policy on Christian’s pastors inclusive.

Pastor Martin Ssempa pin some of the born-again pastors turning the church into sports betting whereby they ask believers to present their cash convincing them to multiply it into much money hence conning them.

These pastors apologized to the public on behalf of their fellow pastors that fraud, rape women, sodomize, and those use evil powers to heal believers among others that practice against church laws.

Pastor Ssempa noted that the more such evil acts continue in church the more believers get fade of listening to the word of God regardless of its factual