Bagyenda admits she carried documents from BoU

Bagyenda admits she carried documents from BoU

The former executive director of the bank of Uganda supervision Justine Bagyenda has admitted that he has some documents she drove from the bank of Uganda.

Bagyenda first resisted speaking anything before the committee on commissions of statutory Authorities of State enterprises COSASE

The committee chairman Abdul Katuntu forced her to say something after assuring her that there is evidence from the bank CCTV camera unless she wanted it to be played for her.

Bagyenda said that the documents she exited from the bank of Uganda were her own documents because she has many jobs.

When she was asked whether she was checked at the exit of the bank, Bagyenda said that she needs to see on the CCTV camera video that was recorded on that day because she does not recall whether she was checked or not.

The committee decided that she should go back on the next day of inquiry at 10:00 am. And she may go with her Lawyer is she wants.