Residents on panic after suffering from yet unidentified strange disease.

Residents on panic after suffering from yet unidentified strange disease.

Residents of Kironde Zone in Kabowa parish Lubaga division in Kampala are in panic following yet unidentified strange disease experienced by many in the area.

John Suuna is one of the survivors of the mysterious disease that many suspects to be cholera

Speaking to some of the residents on Sunday they explained that some few days back some residents started vomiting, diarrhea and experiencing abdominal pain before anything was done and one died.

According to the residents, the poor hygienic conditions and overflow of Nalukolongo channel are responsible to the outbreak of this unknown disease

Symptoms of the disease are similar to that of cholera-like diarrhea, vomiting without treatment they die after few days besides all the rubbish are dumped in the water channel making it very narrow and unhygienic

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that they are aware of the disease and they have collected blood samples so that they can be able to identify the exact disease

“it’s really premature to something which is scientific to conclude that it’s a cholera outbreak, let our medical experts at the Central public health laboratory do their role then we shall get back to the public and inform them what we found out after investigation” Emmanuel Nebyoona senior public relation officer ministry if health explained.

However the latrines coverage in the area is still poor and in poor condition, lack of clean and safe water for drinking

Juma Lubega councilor Kabowa 1 parish said a woman called Gladys Nampijja succumbed to the illness, she started vomiting, diarrhea and all the sudden they found the woman dead in the morning.

However, some residents say that it might not be cholera because it has affected all most everyone in the area