Get your National ID. There’s an opportunity to overthrow Museveni in 2021 – Bobi Wine

Get your National ID. There’s an opportunity to overthrow Museveni in 2021 – Bobi Wine

What plan do you have to counter the state from banning your performance?

Our biggest success is because the state doesn’t know how to deal with us. They don’t know how to handle us. They feel us but can’t touch us. I can’t release the plans I just want you to see them taking place.

Just like how you always manage to get away from the forces?

Actually, I don’t celebrate my getting away from the forces. I am not supposed to run away from our own police. The fact that I have to run away from them is already a failure. So, am supposed to be sad I run away from them.

Did the ‘Twebeelemu’ tribal clip affect your relationship with Besigye?

Dr. Besigye is one of the people I respect most in this country. He has achieved a lot for us in this country. It doesn’t mean he is an angel but I respect him and as the kind of guy who prefers to look at the positive.

Of course, I know the language we use as the young people isn’t usually understood by our elders. The few times they misunderstand us aren’t supposed to be our capitalization.

You say you’re just a representative to the people. Don’t you believe everyone has the ability but a few people are blessed?

I don’t agree. In any case, I am the least qualified person. I am only a third-year law student. I have been in music all my life. What brings me is pure frustration. Because of me, I am a man from ghetto causing that change.  Each one of us once we play our role perfectly can cause that change.

You encourage people to get their National IDs. Should we start preparing for 2021?

Yes. Prepare for 2021.

Should we say you’re coming out to run for the presidency?

No that’s not what it means when I say prepare for 2021. Uganda has problems in 60,000 villages. People should come out and vote. For starters, you can’t choose your leaders if you don’t have a national ID.

Yes, there is an opportunity in 2021 to throw this government.  And the quickest constitution opportunity is less than 24 months away.

Besigye has tried that before for years from 2001. Which strategy will you use that is going to differ from his?

Besigye is my mentor. This means I have been watching and learning from him. I have learnt from all the mistakes. I believe that failure is not an option. Museveni has taken advantage and rigged the elections but even our side as the opposition is to blame. We have never completely united. The same way we make songs hit songs is the same way we can make ideas hit ideas. I refuse to believe that we can’t win this man.

We heard that you’re working hand in hand with Gen. Muntu? How is the partnership going?

Not only Muntu. Am in touch with  KB [Besigye], Muntu, Mao, Basalirwa and all these other forces of change. We want to find a way of working together.

What has been your biggest lesson as a leader?

We are a generation that has everything we need to free itself.  And we are the generation that is facing a very despotic regime and is ready to do anything to keep us under bondage.

What are your plans for Bebe Cool if you became a president?

Bebe Cool is a fellow artiste. He is a brother. He’s someone I have known over time. Even when we disagree I still respect him as a person. As a colleague, as the father of my children’s friends. I mean when you’re a leader you’re a servant. I am Bebe Cool’s servant. He is my boss. He is a citizen of Uganda.

What’s your most creative time of the day?

From 6 pm to Midnight. That’s when I catch up with my friends. It’s those conversations that we hold that I add onto the melody. Dan Magic adds on the beat and we have songs. I am going to release an album called Forbidden Music.

In regards to socio-economy, what good thing has President Museveni done that has improved on the lives of the People of Uganda?

They used to be many.  The discipline of the army I used to credit it to President Museveni. Until a few years ago when the army completely lost it. I would have credited it to the modernization. There’s a time it was passed that the internet was going to be free but now it’s taxed and limited. I would have credited freedom to him but the fact I am not given the freedom to practice my profession which took time, discipline money and commitment.

I would say the only good thing I credit Museveni is that he uploaded naturalness on Abenakyo.