Don’t you dare extend Katutu’s term,I will expose the mysteries to public – MP Munyagwa to Kadaga

Don’t you dare extend Katutu’s term,I will expose the mysteries to public - MP Munyagwa to Kadaga

Kawempe South member of parliament Mubarak Munyagwa Mugaati gwa Batter break the silent and warn speaker of parliament Rebeca Kadaga not to dare extend the term for Hon. Abdul Katuntu with his Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises COSASE

Munyagwa said that the people who produced laws were wise enough to put a term of only two years and a half and many members of the parliament like FDC president Patric Oboi Amuriat, MP Ssemujju Nganda have ever chaired this

Committee but they were obedient enough and left when their term expired.

Munyagwa noted that being it that Hon. Katuntu is a professional Lawyer he wouldn’t involve in breaking laws because of his own benefits since the works of the committee are for the whole nation not for an individual.

In the video he posted on social media, Munyagwa said that even if he is not in the country currently but he has got secrets about the individuals he is about to disclose to the public in case Kadaga insists and extend Katuntu’s term or add him period of time to complete his Bank probe as he asked.

He said that when he comes back he will have to inquire and ask permission from his FDC party to disclose hidden secrets about Hon. Katuntu, Hon.Kadaga, Bank of Uganda officials and other government officials that are behind the matter of sustaining Katuntu in charge of the committee and reasons why they do so.

“Am surprised with the way Katuntu has continued showing his childish desires to stay in control just because of his own interests, the country will be shocked to hear about their secrets that have been hidden all along” Munyagwa said.

Munyagwa added that what is being done now is like extending parliamentary Term without elections.

Munyagwa was appointed by FDC president Patric Oboi Amuriat to chair the  COSASE committee with his deputy Moses Kasibante but Hon.Katuntu requested speaker Kadaga to add him some extra time to enable him to complete his Bank probe which speaker Kadaga accepted.

Some MPs like the opposition Chief whip Ibrahim Ssemuju Ngada, Mukono municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke and others came out to oppose this and now Munyagwa has joined the group that doesn’t agree with the extension of Katuntu term.


Posted by Makolo Kavuma Defiance Man on Saturday, January 5, 2019