Who hosted Bebe cool on a political TV Show? A Pass asks.

Bebe cool was hosted on NBS Television political show the Frontline where he alleged that he had written a book from which singer turned politician Bobi Wine was getting tips on survival. However, Bebe Cool added that he tore out a few pages and kept them for himself.

‘Who put Baby Cool on this show?

Looks like the whole of Kampala was watching, including singer Alexander Bagonza who stung the ‘Silent Majority’ leader with back to back tweets.

In one of the tweets, A Pass asked ‘Who put Baby Cool on this show? This is not fair #NBSFrontline.

Before adding called Bebe cool a baby who is taking exams hence asking who gave him the notebook the singer was noting his points.

“ohhhh wow Baby Cool sounds so smart …. To dumb people.’’ He further tweeted.

The tweet gave birth to mixed reactions from the public, a sign that the two artists have never really buried the hatchet between them as yet.

The latest tweets come after A pass tweeted, “Been in the studio since morning and still in even now 1:45 AM… you can spent time making lists while I make hits.”

This was after Bebe Cool released his list of top artiste year 2018