I left Golden Band to concentrate on Politics, Education.

I left Golden Band to concentrate on Politics, Education.

Musician Ronald Mayinja has come out to light the public about the aim of his exit from Golden Band following a lot of allegations from the public.

He said that his exit from Golden Band had nothing to do with misunderstandings with his co-workers in the band as it has been alleged.

Mayinja said that he left the band because he wanted to concentrate on politics, his education, and other businesses.

“Our fans have enabled us to do many good things that benefit us like establishing different businesses but we have not got enough time to run these businesses” Mayinja added.

However, Mayinja noted that he cannot completely leave music because music is his hobby.

 He noted that he loves politics but he cannot give all his time to politics because he wants to serve people rather than ruling them.

Mayinja added that he is very concerned about employment inequality in Uganda today  and this is why he wants to involve in politics because he hates seeing people employed because they are known not because of their ability