Dr. Stella wants court drop all accusations.

Makerere researcher Dr.Stella Nyanzi, through her lawyer, Isaac Ssemakadde, asked the Buganda Road Magistrate’s Court presided over by Gladys Kamasanyu to drop all the accusations because the particulars of the charges against her do not disclose the precise offence she committed thereby rendering the charges bad in law.

Ssemakadde asked the court to dismiss and strike off record the charges against his client for being grossly defective, bad in law and set her free.

Court heard that combining the descriptions in one count is prejudice to Dr Nyanzi and leads to incurable illegality.

Dr Nyanzi who is on remand at Luzira Prison had appeared for the hearing of prosecution evidence but instead objected to the charges.
She is facing charges of cyber harassment and offensive communication.

The resident State Attorney, Janat Kitimbo responded to Nyanzi’s objection by asking for more time saying she had come ready for hearing and thus the defence lawyer’s application was an ambush.

While appearing in court on November 9, Dr Nyanzi declined to apply for bail. Her lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde asked the court to order the state to speed up the investigations so that she can go on trial.

The state Wednesday said they were ready to prosecute the case before parading four witnesses to testify against Dr Nyanzi.
The prosecution contends that on September 16, Dr Nyanzi posted on her Facebook page suggestions deemed obscene against the President’s deceased mother.

It further stated that she repeatedly posted messages to disturb or attempted to disturb the President’s peace or right to privacy.

The government prosecutor urged the judge to review about Ssemakadde’s request.