Man shocked to find all children from his wife not his DNA match

A man lasted with the wife for over 17 years was shocked to find all 4 children at home not his DNA match

Stephen Isanga a resident of Mutungo zone four said that he has spent over 17 years with his wife Bakamwenda Catherine with four children but he was shocked on Thursday when he found out that all of the children are not his biological children.

According to Stephen, he suspected the wife cheated on him but when he decided to manipulate her so that she can say something he denied everything, she decided to go to her home in Tororo where she spent 2 months

When she came back, he tricked her with a memory card in her phone purposely to save her voice recordings that proved to him that she had several men.

From these audios, Stephen got to know that there were two men demanded their children from Catherine as other men were just appreciating the good love they shared with her.

According to Stephen, he was advised to open up a case file at Jinja road police station where they filed up SD REF 27/20/06/2018 and later on police took children for a DNA test to find the four children he had in a family were all not his biological children.

“When I realized this I was emotionally tortured but I have no man to blame, I blame myself for trusting Catherine” Said Stephen.