Was Micheal Ezra’s mission to weaken up hajji Ssebagala? Where is he?

Micheal Ezra Mulyoowa was one of most self-proclaimed wealth people that have ever splashed money in Uganda, Ezra was introduced in 2003 during former Kampala Lord Mayor Al Haji Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala’s regime where he was very strong in politics to the extent that he wanted to challenge president Museveni on the presidential seat.

Michael Ezra also wanted to challenge on the presidential seat.

Among teenagers that have splashed money in Kampala city, you cannot talk about them and forget starting with Michael Ezra.

He has allegedly owned Sun space international company that was established in 2002 and it mostly had its base from Dubai UAE

Ezra a son to policewoman Beatrice Nantongo was born on 20th July 1973 where he is the second child in a family of five.

He studded at Kittante Primary school and Makerere College School.

However, Ezra’s source of cash wealth was not known at all but it is alleged that he weighed 1.5 billion US dollars.

According to political analysis, Michael Ezra was introduced purposely for weakening Al. Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala because he used to show off that he was the only city tycoon.

Michael Ezra showed that he was a Ugandan diaspora who had a lot of money and he was ready to splash it to people

He first gave out 12 million to support the National athletics team in 2003 so that they could engage in IAAF World cross country championship which was held at Lausanne-Switzerland.

During February 2004, Ezra surprised people when he said that he wanted to buy Leads United football team with 60 pounds though he latte changed his mind and he invested the money in boxing team in March which he paid USD 500,000 to prepare for Olympic football competition.

During June 2004, Michael Ezra asked the government to sell him Namboole National stadium at USD30 but the government never replied him up to date.

During 2006, Ezra injected shs60m in the National football team so that it could go to Niamey in Nigeria to play a friendly match ahead of Africa competitions.

In December the same year, Ezra was appointed by people as a man of the year after he had failed to win it in 2003-2005 where president Museveni used to win it.

President Museveni won himself this trophy until September where Ezra injected more money in the national football team thanking it for winning Nigeria 3-1goals.

He gave USD1000000 whereby he gave 15000 to coach and his two deputy personnel were given 2500 each and 5000 to each player.

During May in the same year, Ezra went to Airbus intending to purchase one personal airplane model A380.

When he was touring Nyaayo stadium at Kenya in 2010, Ezra informed journalists that he had put 65 dollars for Uganda cranes in case it had involved in the African football competitions in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon during 2012

He put another USD50000 for Uganda in case it won group J where it was with Kenya on 9th/10.2010

Michael Ezra faded up in 2010 when he disappeared from the eyes of the public and the following news about him fraud where the alleged fraud a certain tycoon’s USD20

Their people reportedly accused Michael Ezra over this fraud case and it was read from Kenya court by Heston Nyaga though the news did not follow up this case.

This case lasted in court from 2010 up to 2017 then he was later attacked by a certain disease that weakened his life from German.

From then, Michael Ezra got lost from Ugandan people’s ears as many started asking what kind of person Ezra was, where some wondered why he splashed money like SK Mbuga perhaps he was sent by one big government official to show this money with a mission concluding that the money was not his.