Cancer patients to die, Gov’t says no more free services.

As the number of cancer patients increases in Uganda, the news from Mulago referral hospital in cancer institute says that cancer patients will start paying for medical services after the government announces that can no longer provide free services.

This was revealed by professional Dr.Fred Ogutu that the increasing number of cancer patients in Uganda today the government find it hard to provide free medical services to all without any other helping hand and this is why they decided that each patient will pay some money.

According to the directives the ordinary Ugandan will pay shs300, 000 for Radiotherapy, scan and X-ray shs10, 000 whereas VIP will be paying shs500, 000 and foreigners will pay 2000 US dollars.

However, Ogutu said that they know there are some poor Ugandans that cannot afford any payment but they have put a commission that will help to investigate about these people and do resolutions on how they can improvise funds which can help the poor patients.

Ogutu added that the government will hopefully introduce three other radiotherapy cancer machines which will help to curb down of cancer among Ugandans.