2021 General Elections: Bobi Wine cannot win M7-Rwomushana.

Many people especially youths hopefully think they will entrust their votes with Kyaddondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi wine in the forthcoming general elections in 2021

Youths believe that Kyagulanyi can win and peacefully lead the country hence liberating it from the hands of a military presidency that came in power right from 1986 up to date.

However, one of the political analysts Charles Rwomushana said that this will be very hard if not impossible for Bobi wine to contest and win president Museveni according to how his supporters behave and himself.

When he was analyzing politics on BBS TV in “Amaaso Ku ggwanga” program Rwomushana said that what shows first that Bobi wine cannot win in the coming general elections of 2021 are the MPs who say that they support him but feel shy about announcing it in public that they are for Kyagulanyi forever.

Rwomjushana wonders why MPs deceive Bobi wine that they are supportive to people power yet they have never preached about him in their constituencies so that voters can know that it is only one person Kyagulanyi that should be voted for the presidency.

Rwomusahana also noted that some politicians who show him that they are his supporters are aiming at upgrading themselves only.

About unity among opposition so that they can all support Bobi wine, and win president Museveni, Rwomushana said that this is impossible because many politicians are greedy who cannot follow Bobi wine who does not have money to give them.